Cake Smash Glasgow

Cake Smash Glasgow provides all the information you need to know on what a cake smash photography is, when and how book this special event that you will treasure.

Cake smash photography in Glasgow is a recent trend that has made its way over from America within the last few years. Cake smash photography is normally captured around your child’s first or second birthday just in time to be used for birthday party invitations or to mark this birthday milestone.

Mini Photoshoot

A Cake smash photography session usually begins with a mini studio shoot allowing your child to relax and giving you the opportunity to get some nice photos before the fun begins. I normally suggest to parents to bring along a couple of changes of clothes to get a variety of different look in a number of shots that you will treasure forever.

Cake Smash Glasgow

Then its time for the fun to begin often this will be the first time most children have ever eaten cake which makes the whole event lots of fun. Kids often feel the urge to face plant, cover their hair, body and face in cake and sometimes even crawling through it. It is an experience that most parents will never forget and is lots of fun for everyone involved.

Clean Up!

At the end of each cake smash session I offer a splash session which provides a fun way to end an exciting few hours, it gives us a chance to clean all the cake off and capture some fun pictures.


Each Cake Smash Glasgow session is unique to each child and each parent, I have a number of coloured background, props from spoons, tutu skirts to tin baths. If there is something specific you have in mind please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If you are interested in booking a session please don’t hesitate to contact me by clicking the link Cake Smash Glasgow